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1 WHY KITCHEN REFLECTION? Navigating through the world of kitchens while inspiration it’s everywhere and at first seems easy, but to actually get access at the essence of kitchens, to understand quality, materials, features, accessories, appliances, worktops it’s proven to be a very complex task that requires a lot of time and energy. Kitchen Reflection is your information resource. 

3DO I SAVE TIME? Kitchen Reflection will help you to understand the core essence of your kitchen. This will help you save time by reducing the online research, weekends after weekends visiting showrooms, meeting sales people. The days spent to find out ‘what is the best’, ‘who is the best’, ‘why is the best’ are now part of a service available to you. 

4 WHO SELECTS THE KITCHEN SUPPLIER? There are no constrains, once you have received the design concept and projects specification, you have the total freedom of choice and selection. At request, I will happily recommend bespoke companies for your kitchen project that can meet your expectations, offer great quality and meet your budget. 

2 WHAT KITCHEN REFLECTION DOES? It helps clients to navigate through the world of kitchens and understand what is available for their requirements and budget. Providing clarity on available options, explaining the pros and cons of different materials and configurations, and offering personalized recommendations can greatly assist clients in making informed decisions. 

5 DO I SAVE MONEY? Kitchen Reflection takes away the pain of trawling through the market and repeating yourself trying to communicate your needs and wishes to multiple kitchen providers. It simplifies and speeds up the process and offers a key turn service helping you to define your requirements. You will have access at designer discounts. 

6 WHO DOES THE DRAWINGS? Kitchen Reflection does the design concept and the scope of work for the project. This will narrow the styles and the companies that can fulfil your requirements, specification and budget. The kitchen company will produce the final design and cost with their in-house software based on the information given.



ogether we will fully explore your needs and wishes to understand how you will use and interact with your new kitchen. We will review the architects plans in depth, we’ll talk about your personality and lifestyle, then, I will prepare the design concept to match to your every requirement. Once we agree the final the concept, I will complete the drawings, also, I will assist you to find the right partners across the industry for your kitchen – cabinetry, stoneware, accessories and appliances.

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