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With extensive expertise in the kitchen industry from luxury to entry level, I have the ability and experience to deal with any size project or style. In this way, you save valuable time to devote to family, friends, hobbies, travel, work and avoid stress.

Iam not being tied to any specific manufacturer, so can provide impartial advice and help you explore a wide range of options to find the best concept for your kitchen. This ensures that your design choices are driven by your individual preferences and practical requirements rather than by any constraints imposed by a particular supplier.

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“Alina is very intelligent and very hard working. She works efficiently. Designing a layout of a kitchen is very difficult for most people. Alina’s spatial awareness and ability to think in 3 dimensions is exceptional. Alina is quick, logical, mathematical and creative. Alina listens to what the customer wants, immediately understands what is being described and then quickly produces designs that the customer wants. She explains clearly and advises patiently. She is meticulous and fast. Most people don’t design kitchens that actually work practically or logically, but Alina does.
She also designs boot rooms and utility rooms cleverly with attractive and practical results.”

Joanna P.

“Alina was able to design a very well thought out kitchen design from the most basic of building plans. Our project changed several times which meant that the design had to be amended yet this never proved a problem for her. Alina is meticulous and passionate about giving her clients the very best service and no detail is too small or overlooked. She has many years of experience and this shows from the moment you meet her.
Alina is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

James C.

“We were so pleased when we ‘found’ Alina. The expenditure on a new quality kitchen was a challenging project at a challenging time for my husband and I. It was one, which we couldn’t afford to get wrong. Right from the beginning we found Alina listened to us amenably and very open to hearing to our concerns and requirements. We had no qualms about proceeding on a project with her. We felt no pressure to decide on anything, until we were ready.”

Anne L.


I value your time. My goal is to make your kitchen project as seamless and efficient as possible, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. No need to visit multiple showrooms, suppliers or spend months in research about different options. I bring all the information and options directly to you. Save Time.

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